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How to make a model by M-One plus

01 Unpacking

Now that you’ve received your M-One plus, it’s time to unpack and

get familiar with your printer and accessories.

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02 Projecter setting and install

Install and setting your projecter, prapare for your printing.

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03 First printing setting

Now that you have unpacked your printer. let’s pick a home for your

new digital fabrication tool and get ready for your first print.

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04 Software operation

XMaker Software is your essential tool to import and manipulate digital

3D models for awesome prints. Download XMaker to install it on your computer.

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05 Printing

Everything is ready. Start your first printing by M-One plus.

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06 Model cleaning

For successful prints, it is essential that clean the model.Let MakeX guide you to

clean the model to get better product.

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