M-One Dental 70F, professional 3D printer for dentistry.

Dental 3D printing as a new technology has the ability to reduce costs,

increase treatment flexibility, and expand the range of patient care.

Larger Build Area

It provides a larger build area under a compact desktop. Print plenty of dental arches at one time.

Faster Printing

Equipped with quick-printing resin tank. The printing speed is 6x faster.

On-board Assistant

The built-in 6-core computer helps you manage jobs and ensure successful printing.

Future Proof

Receive wireless updates to let you know the latest features. Wirelessly send and monitor print jobs.

New Industry Standards

M-One Dental 70F allows you to make aligners, surgical guides, digital denture, occlusal guard, etc.

M-One Dental 70F is compatible with resins from third parties, which gives you flexibility.


Orthodontic Appliance


Denture Base


Partial Denture


Temporary Teeth




Crown and Bridge


Indirect Bonding Tray


Surgical Guides

Details of Dental Models


Increase the speed by 6x.

M-One Dental 70F - print at 2 inches per hour.

M-Dental - print at 1 inch per hour.

Ordinary DLP printer (baseline).

Larger build area, faster print speed.

The M-One Dental has a larger printing platform, which allows it to print more models at one time,

and improve productivity greatly.

Tank 2.0, faster and better.

The proprietary tank 2.0 technology introduces another important innovation. Air is introduced between the resin and the bottom of the tank to minimize adhesion, and then elastic displacement is used to separate the prints from the bottom of the tank. As a result, the printing speed is increased significantly and the risk of printing failure is reduced.

About 20 minutes, print a full plate of the dental arches.

M-One Dental uses its special proprietary technology.

The capacity is increased by 60%.

An increase of 60% of tank capacity and volume helps ensure you never run out of the resin.

XMaker, a powerful but easy-to-use software

XMaker is a software developed for the MakeX 3D print users especially, with simple operation and powerful functions.

Our software also includes many advanced settings, making your printing process as simple and easy as you want.

Bulk copy


Adjust wall thickness

Multi-layer printing

Priority Support

Customized Light Engine

The customized light engine used in M-One Dental 70F provides the uniformity of light across the construction surface. The output of

each light engine has been checked at the key points of the construction surface to ensure that every

printing is perfect and accurate.

The accuracy of X Y axis

Up to 33 μm

helps you to print fine details easily.

Custom made

405 / 385 nm

ultraviolet light engine


The light energy distribution of the M-One Dental.


The light energy distribution of other DLP.



By using the imported 0.65dmd chip ensures a larger size and better imaging. The stable and uniform distribution of light source greatly improves the light utilization ratio and makes it have a longer service life and brighter brightness.

Extra long service life.

20000 hrs

Greatly reduces the maintenance cost of light engine.

Multiple models, multiple options.

There are several printer models in M-One Dental series to meet with the

different requirements on accuracy and a build area of customers.

Check M-One Dental model specifications


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