M-One Pro,
High accuracy 3D printer.

Higher accuracy and larger build area.

M-One Series


M-One Pro were born to meet the needs

of industrial production, equipped with a high-

definition DLP light engine and industrial guide


M-One Series

Meet the ultra-high precision.

The ultra-high precision of M-One Pro makes it possible to

print various jewelry models perfectly.

The accuracy of X Y axis is

Up to 33 μm

Helps you to print fine details easily.

Other Industries

M-One Pro ‘s high precision and large build area allows it to perform well in other industries such as

scientific research, architectural design and cultural relics restoration.

High Precision Material

We developed material for printing tough and hard components with

very high resolution and fine details.

Multi-layer Printing

The unique technique for multi-layer printing allows you to print more

models under a certain area, and provides greater

production efficiency.

Produce the custom
earphones easier.

Recent years the software-based private custom earphones

has become popular. M-One Pro brings the characteristics

of low cost, high efficiency and mass production for private

customization services.

Multiple models,
multiple options.

There are several printer models in M-One Pro to meet with the

different requirements on accuracy and build area of customers.

Check M-One Pro tech specifications.

M-One Series

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