M-Jewelry comes in two models as U30&U50,
meeting different requirements on precision and build volume for different users respectively.

M-Jewelry U50

65*45*130mm Build Volume
50 microns X/Y Resolution
1 micron Layer Thickness

U50 Model

M-Jewelry U30

40*26*130mm Build Volume
32 microns X/Y Resolution
1 micron Layer Thickness

U30 Model

About our Project

We discovered some industries, especially
jewelry and dentistry, have specific demands
on precision. In fact, ordinary precision is
meaningless to jewelers, dentists, surgeons
and other professionals whose work involve
intricate designs. We began to develop a more
professional 3D printer based on the strict
requirements from these users.

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XMaker Software

XMaker is a user-friendly software for MakeX 3d
printers especially. Its optimization algorithm
helps the outcome presented in high standard quality.

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