Change Log

XMaker 2.54

  • Printer:
    • Now you will need to active the NEW M-Jewelry 3D Printer before use it.
    • Fix some bugs.

XMaker 2.43

  • Printer:
    • A new function “SETHOME” is added so that the position of “FINDHOME” can be adjusted more conveniently and rapidly.(User guide: SETHOME->CONFIRNBUTTON-> adjust to the best place through the 4 screws on the platform and the arrows on the “XMAKER” interface -> OK).
    • For convenience, the “MODE” and “Resin” can be set directly through the new buttons added on the “Mode” page under “Printer” page.
    • A default setting missed in version 2.4.2 is add. Now the projector will automatically shut down when the printing job is finished.

XMaker 2.42

  • Slicer:
    • A new support can be added between two existing supports based on the two points on each support.
  • Image:
    • The MKX format is removed from now on. It is integrated to the MKP format , which is compatible with the old MKX format.
  • Printer:
    • the foucusing size of M-One can be observed and modified at any one time.
    • the frequency and speed of the power generator are adjusted to reduce the noise.
    • Printing process can be paused at any time.


XMaker 2.40&2.41

  • Under windows operating system, the stl, mkstl and mkx document can be opened in the software directly  by double-clicking.
  • Slicer:
    •  The function of “parameter reset” is added in the “support” page.
    • A new function of “export mkstl” after slice is added.
    • The size of the hole drilled(in the hollow function) can be modified.
  • Image:
    • The transparency of the sliced images on the “image” page is increased, so that the overlap of two slices can be observed.
    • Printing area setting updated.
  • Printer:
    • The abnormal display of the exported images on the “print” page are corrected.
    • Printing area setting updated.


XMaker 2.37

  • Fixed second window resolution error in some Win8 & Win10 system.
  • Slicer:
    • Layer info bug fixed while exporting sliced file.
  • Printer:
    • Focusing image updated.
    • Printing area setting updated.


XMaker 2.36

  • Scale center point change to mouse .
  • Slicer:
    • Moving model by pressing both left&right mouse button in Mac system.
    • Scale center point change to mouse point.


XMaker 2.35

  • French Language supported.
  • Change the naming rules for files.
  • Slicer:
    • Keep a record of the parameters of the supports and layer thickness user has edited.
    • When choose scaling automatically, its proportion of scale base on the original model size.
    • Fix the problem that when import several models to software in Mac version, their serial number is not corresponding.
  • Printer:
    • Shift the motor speed ranging  from 4 to 100%.
    • Add editing page for projector. ( support projectors from other brands) .
    • The exposure time can be as accurate to decimal. Like 0.1s.
    • Add default resin when there is no optional resin.
    • Record print mode and parameters from previous print setting.
    • Update the pause function, it is only available while printer is not projecting image to the Vat.


XMaker 2.33/2.34

Add M-One/M-jewelry selection in Xmaker

UI updated

Language selection updated

  • Slicer:
    • Add base type options in “support”.
    • Section view updated.
    • Cross bracing updated.

**Select the language before the model processing. Xmaker will restart while switch to a different language.


XMaker 2.32

UI updated

Add language selection in “help – switch language”(En/Ch/Kr)

  • Slicer:
    • Support algorithm updated
    • Add “Clear support” buttom in “support”
    • Bug fixed while import some MKSTL files.
  • Image:
    • Add image rotation function.
    • Importing speed updated.
  • Printer:
    • Fix turning on the projector bug after it is turned off by Xmaker.


XMaker 2.31

  • Slicer:
    • MKSTL is supported in the “import” option
  • Printer:
    • Fix the former erroneous focusing image while using HD projector.
  • Linux Version: if printer can not be recognized  or updated ,check the serial port authority



XMaker 2.30

  • UI updated
  • Maximize software window added
  • Slicer:
    • Add “Basic” & “Advance” in “Supports” , more adjustable support parameters added. Press “Shift” to adjust Auto Supports & Manuel Supports together.
    • Supports become transparent in the “Bottom view”
    • More “Layer Thickness” available, up to 0.15mm
    • MKSTL from previous version is supported.
  • Image:
    • Horizontal Smooth & Vertical Smooth could be used  in the meantime
  • Printer:
    • Set the printer as Third window is supported


  • MAC Version: Do not use gesture function and switch the screen during the printing


XMaker 2.29

  • Slicer:
    • Fix software crash while keep changing the three support values.
  • UI updated
  • “Help” document updated


XMaker 2.28

  • Add “set projector area”
  • Add “help” document
  • Slicer:
    • Add “auto-orientation”
    • Fix multiple models exporting problem


 XMaker 2.27

  • Accelerate software loading speed.
  • Fix the progressing bar display problem in Win 8
  • Slicer:
    • Add “BaseThickness” in support generator(MKSTL exported by previous version is no longer supported)
    • Add  “AboutSupport” in support generator
  • Image:
    • “Block” layer keeps on the top layer
    • Fix the exporting MKX problem after adding “block” layer
    • Add “delete current layer” in MKX file
  • Printer:
    • Change “raise the platform 4cm” to “raise the platform 3cm”
    • Add “about exposure”
    • Remove “Reset”
    • Add “Cancel print”
    • Add minimum value to “dark duration”

**How to RESTART a second print: “Cancel Print” –>”Find Org” –>”Print”