MakexLab is online now!

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Dear All,

We are so glad to annouce that our Creative Department MakexLab is online now!

MakexLabs aims at  making simple and interesting 3D printing projects. And now we would like to release the first two projects: TouchVoice and RingX. More projects are on the way, please visit Makex.com/makexlab to check Makexlab’s newest achivements:P

We are also open to interesing ideas from our users. Please don’t hesitate to share your ideas on our Forum: http://makex.com/forum/makexlab/   Hope we can apply your ideas to all the users:D


MakeX Team


National Holiday

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Dear All,

National Holiday will start from Sep 30th to Oct 7th. We will back to office on Oct 8th, the new orders will be delivered after Oct 8th.

Have a nice vocation:D





Best Mixing Resin formula developed by M-One User

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Dear M-One users,

We just received the mixing resin testing report from our Italian M-One user “Andrea Mainas”. The outcome is so great! During last few months’ tests with Spota material, Envisiontec , Lumi …etc, he developed his own formula when print with great detail and stability. And he would like to share his great testing results with all M-One users. Thanks to his efforts to M-One community. Read More


Castable Resin Update.

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Dear All,

During last few weeks, we have tested several castable resin on M-One.

These resin includes 3DM castable resin, Madesolid castable resin and several castable resin developed by Chinese Company.  Read More