Most, Various, and Alternative

There are several color options for high-quality,  affordable resin: yellow, gray, white, and transparent.
Even the resin model demonstrates sensible design. More importantly, it works perfectly with resin
that can be cast for professional use.

Suppored Material

Our printers support a wide range of resin types

Download the Material list     Updated Version:2015.09.10

Coloruful, but no Pollution

We have rigorously tested the casting process to ensure the resin
burns out at 100 percent without leaving any residue. So you can finally get the perfect product!

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Multiable Resin Options

After long-term testing of more than 50 different kinds of
resin for M-Product, we found several stable resins that
perform perfectly for jewelers needing lost-wax casting.
So we would like to recommend these resin developers
to M-Products’ users.