【Pre-order】M-Jewelry DLP 3D printer U50&U30


About M-Jewelry

M-Jewelry comes with two models, M-Jewelry U30 and M-Jewelry U50. U30 features 32 microns XY resolution and a build area as 40*26*130mm. With such an ultra-high reslution, you can get outstanding result for jewelry printing; U50, with a larger build area as 64*40*130mm, is perfect for dental and other quality printing use.

This item is only available for pre-order with the deposit now. And you will be charged for the balance when the product is ready for delivery.

The official price for M-Jewelry is:

U50:  $3599.

U30:  $3899.

*The delivery will be arranged in April,2017. We will contact with you to collect the balance one week before its official delivery.

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