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M-Jewelry U50 DLP 3D printer


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Product Description

M-Jewelry DLP 3D printer was developed for jewelry use especially. It is a combination of the industrial high precision,  easy handling, fast printing speed and durable propertites with the most advanced technology adopted.

• Build area of 64*40*130 mm
• Best layer thickness 5 microns
• XY accuracy 50 microns
• Custom-built UV LED light engine with DLP Technology

• 1 Brand New M-Jewelry U50 Printer
• 1 Resin Tank
• 1 Build Platform
• 1 Finish Kit
• XMaker Software

* International Customs/Taxes Needs to be Paid Individually.
* Delivery will be Arranged within 10 Days.
* Standard Service Plan.

Additional Information

Weight 27 kg