3D Printing for

Research & Education

Learning by Making

During the course of the study, as a research tool, it is necessary to learn
through production. Make a simple part by M-Jewelry to learn how 3D
printing technology is closely linked to the teaching strategies that are most
needed in the fields of science, technology, engineering, art and

Inspire and Prepare

3D printing solutions bring students’ work to life,
build passion and power on any design project.
Students will join from concept to prototype of
the rapid change. It gives them time to explore
more ideas, in-depth analysis of the problems, and
to develop them will need the best in today’s fastest
growing and most valuable areas of expertise.

Better Access to Advanced Knowledge

The MakeX Lab Suite integrates our independently developed products,
services and resources into a complete solution to suit your learning
environment and educational goals and create richer design and engineering
experience through the use of a wider range of technologies and materials.
Partner with one of our dedicated education resellers and get the support
you need to focus on learning.

Resources for Students,

Researchers & Educators

Learn how to integrate 3D printing into your lab.

System structure

Learn more about M-Jewelry how to bring your design to life

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