3D Printing for Jewelry

Digital Design

Consistent and symmetrical pieces without the tediousness and variability of
wax carving can be feasible with the CAD design of jewelry. Combining a CAD
process with a high quality 3D printerlike M-Jewelry can bring users the
efficiency and precision of CAD, and both the tactile presence of a prototype

Ease of Use

MakeX 3D printing technology through the
computer to draw three-dimensional model,
the software can be directly input data 1: 1
output, greatly improving the accuracy of
jewelry. This is also very conducive to the
development of advanced customization.

Investment Casting from 3D Prints

Bring castable parts in hours , cutting down on manual labour. M-Jewelry shorten
the distance between design and production with its rapid print process, accuracy
and surface finish. The excellent product technology ensures clean burnout and
the smooth surfaces on every piece.

Resources for Jewelers

Learn how to integrate 3D printing into your workflow.