3D Printing for Dentistry

3D Printing and Prepare

Upload and prepare dental models by MakeX’s free professional software, and
print on the M-Jewelry. Post-cure and remove supports, lightly sanding and
polishing parts. For specific dental products, assemble printed models with
pre-fabricated accessories, such as metal guide tubes for surgical templates.

Fast, and Save Anything

Enhance the patient experience and your business
with digital dentistry. No more wasted time,
materials, or storage space. Even the smallest labs
can now go straight from intraoral scan to
in-house production with a seamless digital
workflow. Cut days off delivery times and produce
more accurate, comfortable, and effective dental

Accurate, but Lower Price

3D print accurate, biocompatible dental guides on your desktop, all at a low
cost. M-Jewelry simplifies your existing workflow and reduces chairside time,
allowing clinicians to perform precise, cost-effective surgeries with better
clinical outcomes.

Cost Comparison

By bringing industrial quality 3D printing to the
desktop, the M-Jewelry allows you to create a
variety of dental products.

Resources for Dentists

Learn how to integrate 3D printing into your workflow.