3D Printing for Architecture

Build detailed, Durable
Models with 3D printing

MakeX 3D Printing helps architectural firms seize more
opportunities by creating complex, durable models
in-house, directly from CAD data.Our technology
produces astonishingly smooth, detailed architectural
models in an array of materials, including rigid
photopolymers ready for painting.

Cleverly Combined

3D printing architectural models offers time
savings in the design phase, its niche group of
users is growing.3D printing architectural models
provides the opportunity to reduce the number
of steps, improving design time, while retaining
fine details of the final architecture plan.Computer
simulations have been used in engineering and
architecture for a long time. However,visualization
of buildings was traditionally done using scale
models made of wood or foam board. This let
architects see how the building would stand in
physical space and whether any problems could
be rectified. Now, 3D printing combines the
precision of computer simulations with the
tangibility of scale models.

Prolific, and High Quality

M-Jewelry is great for architecture modeling and
other research applications, since architectural
models can be produced without sacrificing

System structure

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