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    Hello MakeX team,
    Have you see the SLASH, lcd-sla 3d printer on Kickstarter?
    It seems that their software van handle différent resolution on a single print, i.e. You can choose portion that Will be print in lower pr higher resolution. This can be improve the speed of a print if we can select an aera with supports that will be printed with a lower resolution?

    Take care


    Hi Mushroom,

    Thanks for your info:D

    We have checked this case, which looks very interesting. But its practical result will not be verified until next year(delivery time is supposed to be in 2017). The current outcome of the models show a result nearly equivalent to common laser 3D printers on the market. Compare the model detail you will know the difference.

    It is a good idea to make variable resolution on a single object and it will be easy to be realized. In fact, the first edition of XMaker also includes this function and we delete it before official release. The reason is that this function must be supported by specific material and relative parameters. Because a thermal environment occurs when light comes onto the resin, and this thermal environment will assure the solified rate and effects for each layer is the same. If the time is different, there may cause some problem to the printing outcome, it is a key point that they should consider about during production.

    LCD is not a new concept nor the KAST 3D as well. For this technology, the printing speed, the life span of LCD and the accuracy of focusing are all needed to be tested, leave alone the professionality and usability of the software.

    In general, this is a piece of anticipated case. We also wish they can achieve good result from it. Meanwhile, our next production,M-Jewelry will launch on Kickstarter in May, which is the smallest industrial class 3d printer for jewelry in the world with a high plane resolution of 40 microns. Please stay tuned.

    We will bring more cutting-edge 3D printers for you in 2017 and thanks for your long term supports to MakeX.


    MakeX Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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