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    Anyone want to buy my 3D printer? I want to upgrade to a different printer, but in order to do that I need to raise the funds and thus sell my old one first. It is Like new condition (or not much worse off then as it originally came to me, mostly cosmetic)

    It is the M-one from make X ( http://makex.com/) It has the 110/140 Microns projector, plus all the accessories, including the proper power cord for USA plugs. (they sent me a European plug….) I also have a vga to hdmi cord if needed upon request.
    Comes with two old vats (Both needs a new silicone layer for and is easy to do) and two of the newer vats (film on one is a little scratched so needs a new film,) plus an extra platform, as well as a bunch of resin, and other goodies. Uses makerJuice and other cheap third party resins.

    Retail value is OVER 3,000$ ( 3,400?), I am asking for 2,500$ Due to vat conditions and it being gently used.

    That doesn’t include shipping, I need to figure it out, but will get the cheapest and safest, with tracking and insurance.
    Please send me an email if interested, or ask questions here!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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