M-Jewelry will be in kickstarter on 17th Oct !

By 2016年10月14日News

A professional 3D printer especially designed for jewerlers & dentists.

Dear All,

So appreciate for your constant trust and support as well as kind patience to our new product. Finally,  M-Jewelry DLP 3D printer, after our arduous efforts,  now is ready to meet you! 

It will differ from M-One major in its ultra-high precision, which is especially designed for Jewelry industry and dentistry. Aiming to serve these two important application fields, we are proudly to say that M-Jewelry is qualified with some special technical optimization and all powerful function researches have been achieved successfully. 

As a result, now we would like to announce proudly  that M-Jewelry will be official launched in Kickstarter two weeks later, exactly on17th Oct. Jewelers,dentists as well as 3D printing enthusiast are welcomed to be our first backers.

M-Jewelry is the most affordable professional DLP 3D printer currently, perfectly meeting with the ultra-high needs of jewelers dentists. Exactly, its price is only around 1/4 to 1/2 of that of other 3D printers with the same properties in the market!

It is worth mentioning that the main advantage of DLP technology over laser is each pixel can reach its accurate value. Besides, M-Jewelry will come in two choices, 32 microns and 50 microns, serving respectively for jewelry and dental’s demands on precision and printable size. More outstanding features of M-Jewelry are multi-machine synchronous wifi control; LED longer lifespan and highly optical uniformity,etc. 

Awesome properties, aren’t they? We will publish more useful and powerful features in details in Kickstarter on17th, Oct. -so stay tuned!

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