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July 2016


Customize your own sliver rings by

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Dear All:
Great news from Makexlab! After creating seval interesting projects, our team
develop a new project now beased on the increasing need of jewelry designers
and end customers in order to offer our knowledge and continuous service.There are various different styles as your options , fulfilling all the
requirements on lettered rings, which makes it to be the best website for customized lettered rings.Except for offering metal rings, customized ring models are also available for free downloading , you can print your personalized
rings with your own 3d printers anywhere and anytime you like. For sure, all of
the lettered rings showed here are printed by MakeX printer series and cast to
Jewelry with impeccable result. web provides five styles of lettered rings with optional sizes, matereials, fonts others etc. It also will offer versatile and specialised support to help to fulfill your requirements.

We would look forward to assisting you in taking wings for your ideas. Please visit, or click vimeo video link below, to find out how the amazing process goes.