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April 2015

News for permanent Vat & Printer time setting for M-One HD

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After several weeks testing, we are so glad to pronounce that we have designed a new flex Vat for M-One, now it is under final design stage for production.

This new Vat requires no silicone replacement, and has an extremely long service time, and suitable for the castable resin as well, It will be available in May. We will post more details about the new vat, and have an additional upgrade plan for every users:D

For the M-One HD(D966 projector) users, here is a time setting for printing(Xmaker version 2.32, SF red resin)

Up&down 0.015mm 80 20 6 2

Up&down 0.045mm  80 20 9 2

Up&down 0.075mm  80 20 11 2

Up&down 0.105mm   80 20 12 2